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About Ischemix

Ischemix is a privately-held pharmaceutical company that is developing novel cytoprotective compounds for serious diseases and conditions.


Proof of concept in two preclinical models (focal and diffuse) of TBI. Significant improvement vs controls in sensorimotor and cognitive endpoints of learning and memory.

Proof of concept in two types of test subjects in a preclinical model of TBI. Significant reduction in brain lesion size, improvement in levels of brain metabolites, upregulation of mitochondrial energetics and reduction of reactive oxygen species in treated subjects versus controls.

Preclinical proof of concept in improvement in body movement using actigraphy technology. First treatment to be studied for, and to show significant behavioral benefits in, this particular model of TBI.

Strong safety record of the drug candidate in human use. In prior clinical trials of CMX-2043 for other indications, over 400 patients have received the compound with no reported serious drug-related adverse events.

Production of clinical trial quantities of the compound

Receipt of two awards totaling approx. $5 million from the US Department of Defense to fund the development of CMX-2043 for acute traumatic brain injury (TBI).