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Developing Novel Cytoprotective Drugs

Prevention and Treatment of Serious Diseases

Ischemix, Inc. is developing novel, proprietary cytoprotective compounds for the treatment of serious diseases and conditions. Our lead compound, CMX-2043, is in preclinical development for the treatment of traumatic brain injury (TBI). CMX-2043 has produced strong preclinical data of any compound in development for TBI, as demonstrated by significant findings in controlled preclinical studies of sensorimotor activity, cognition, memory, contusion volume and hyperactive behaviour, as well as by biochemical assays. We are investigating the use of CMX-2043 for other therapeutic indications.

CMX-2043 is a new chemical entity with a multi-modal activity that is well-suited for the complex conditions of TBI. CMX-2043 is the subject of multiple issued composition of matter and method of use patents around the world.

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